When Bad News is Good: Increase Insights-Based Decisions by Expecting the Unexpected

Prepare business partners for the unexpected to increase insights-based decisions

No one likes to be unprepared. We may complain about the accuracy, but we still check the weather forecast on our phone.  Business partners are the same. Insights may not lead to action when the results leave business partners feeling caught in a torrential downpour without an umbrella. But you can increase insights-based decisions based on alignment of research and business objectives by getting your partners ready to expect…

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5 Methods to Align Insights Projects with Business Objectives

It’s a never-ending challenge in your insights department: getting business decisions made based on completed projects. If it’s any consolation, you aren’t alone. A recent Quirk’s Report found that 85% of researchers can’t get action based on insights at least some of the time. So, how can you increase insights-based decisions? They key is aligning the  research and business objectives at the start. That’s one way to  produce insights…

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Tips to improve team performance while aligning insights and business objectives

Improving insight team performance

One of your toughest jobs as an insights leader is to bring together a team that consistently performs on a superior level and produces insights that get action. Team members bring different experience levels and skill sets to the table and its your job to maximize their potential while making sure that the projects in which they are engaged match the business objectives of the company.  You may feel…

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Alignment is the key to more insights-based decisions: AMA NEO Chapter Market Research Conference 2018

Alignment key to insights-based decisions

With 15 presenters, the AMA NEO Chapter Conference was an inspirational, learnings-packed day for almost 100 attendees. One message that came through loud and clear was that by aligning objectives, methodologies, analyses, and reporting with the needs of all stakeholders, insights pros can be more successful helping companies make better insights-based decisions. Our InsightsCentral team with Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis, former Insights leader of Luxottica Retail, shared best practices for improving…

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Keys to Ending Research Regret and Delivering Actionable Insights

This is the final in a three-part series on avoiding research regret and delivering insights that get action. In the first two installments, we reviewed the root causes and costs of research regret. We also shared a case study about Jason, the Insights Director for an ice cream manufacturer, and revealed why complete clarity on the business problems and opportunities before research begins is so critical. It’s the only reliable…

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When Good Research Goes Bad

The human bias towards action can be counterproductive

This is the second in a three-part series on avoiding research regret and delivering insights that get action. In the first installment, we looked at the cost of research regret and learned to identify the types of research regret. In this article we’ll get to the root causes of research regret. Jason had a terrible, no good, horrible, rotten day. When we last saw him, he was lying in…

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Quirk’s 2018 Brooklyn Conference Best Takeaways: Tips for Improving Growth through Insights

  Eden Weller, Customer and Market Insights Manager, JJ Keller & Associates and Carol Shea, President, InsightsCentral present at Quirk’s Brooklyn Event With over 140 speakers and 85 sessions, the Quirk’s Conference East was jammed packed with learnings! Here’s some of the best tips from the conference on utilizing improved insights department processes to more rapidly build company growth and profitability. Build a Customer-Centric Organization Building a customer-centric organization…

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Research Without Regret – Creating Insights that Get Action

avoid research regret to create actionable insights

  This is the first of a three-part series on avoiding research regret and delivering results that stakeholders act on. Get our FREE ebook, Research Without Regret.   While insights professionals increasingly have access to the executive leadership table, the ability to spark business partners to make decisions and take action on the insights they provide is still a struggle. Every researcher experiences post research regret based on their inability…

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Asking business partners the right questions

Asking business partners the right questions to ensure actionable research insights

Alistair Croll, Visiting Executive at Harvard Business School and author of Lean Analytics, recently stated: “There is a realization that data itself doesn’t lead to answers. This is really maturity: It’s asking the right question that’s hard.”​ For corporate insights professionals, asking the right questions of consumers is a challenge, but so is asking the right questions of their internal business partners. It can be difficult, but is a…

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3 Tips for Overcoming “Hurry Sickness”

“Quick!  Can you get me some consumer validation that our new ice cream flavor meets consumer expectations?  I need it in two weeks.” Such is the life of a researcher; it seems our clients want just about everything ‘yesterday’. This is the situation that cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman were describing when they coined the term “hurry sickness” after noting that many of their patients suffered from a…

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