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Research without Regret: Creating Insights that Get Action

In this ebook you will learn how to identify different types of research regret, the root causes of research regret, and discover proven techniques you can use to avoid stakeholder post-research regret. A case study is also included to clarify the content and recommended processes.

“Quality research and effective analyses can be a challenge in these fast-paced times with pressures to simply ‘get data’. Research regret is all too common and undermines our passion as researchers and the industry. It’s a growing quandary that needs to be addressed. InsightsCentral presents a proven method to not only minimize the risk of research regret, but to also engage healthy discussions and rewarding outcomes. ‘Research Without Regret, Creating Research Insights That Get Action’ is a must read, packed with real-life examples and clear ‘how to’s’ to help researchers take control and help spark decision-making and action.”

Ivy Boehm, VP Market Intelligence, financial industry

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