Case Study

The challenges faced by the six-person Insights team included:

  • Ensuring that the Insights team is researching the appropriate, priority business challenges.
  • Holding stakeholder teams accountable for using research insights to inform business decisions.
  • Efficiently measuring and communicating the time, effort and cost of research.
  • Reducing the “hands-on” time spent by the Insights Leader on every project.

The Insights team utilizes DecisionAdvancerTM .  

“This tool can help us stay on the path of being an integrated, consultative partner; not an internal research project supplier.”  Eden Weller, Customer & Market Insights Manager, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

The DecisionAdvancerTM process helps the insights team guide stakeholders to better clarify their needs and expectations by asking more questions at the start, leading stakeholders to think more deeply and strategically around what the research is trying to accomplish.

As a result:

  • Research results are more aligned with critical business challenges and acted upon.
  • The tool allows the Insights team to control “difficult” conversations with stakeholders, holding them at the design phase rather than being questioned by clients during the reporting phase.
  • DecisionAdvancerTM saved $15k to $20k on one project by revising a study that was originally addressing the wrong objectives. Also, with a better understanding of business objectives and decisions that need to be made, the insights team is saving time preparing reports, and is presenting better results and recommendations.
  • Finally, the Insights Leader focuses more on design thinking, innovation, and strategic planning, as DecisionAdvancerTM helps his team be more empowered by following a consistent process.